Y'arr Pirate

Y'arr Pirate

Y'arr Pirate is a top down hack n' slash game taking place on the lush and adventurous islands of the Caribbean. The game was made as a school project at Stockholm University. The game was made during a period of four months.


The story revolves around a lone pirate set out on a quest to obtain a legendary treasure of unimaginable wealth. It resides upon an island plagued by creatures of monstrous sizes and hunger.


Onwards! Treasure awaits!

Platform: Console/PC

Engine: Unity

Genre: Top-down hack n' slash

Target audience: Young teens

Team size: 6 people (3 scripters/designers and 3 artists/designers)

Role: UI artist, game designer, 3D artist and animator.


My main role within the game was to create the art for the player's abilities. The color-coding of the UI-icons is used to separate attacks from each other.

  • Blue: Attacks that involves physical contact between the player and an enemy (eg a charge attack or a powerful slash attack).

  • Red: Attacks that involves some sort of projectile shot from the player (eg a head shot attack or a bomb attack).

All of the UI was made with Adobe Photoshop.