Y'arr Pirate

Platform: Console/PC


Engine: Unity


Genre: Top-down hack n' slash


Target audience: Young teens


Team size: 6 people (3 scripters/designers and 3 artists/designers)


Role: UI artist, game designer, 3D artist and animator.

Y'arr Pirate is a top down hack n' slash game taking place on the lush and adventurous islands of the Caribbean. The game was made as a school project at Stockholm University. The game was made during a period of four months (during that time we also attended another full time course).


The story revolves around a lone pirate set out on a quest to obtain a legendary treasure of unimaginable wealth. It resides upon an island plagued by creatures of monstrous sizes and hunger.


Onwards! Treasure awaits!

My main role within the game was to create the art for the player's abilities. The color-coding of the UI-icons is used to separate attacks from each other.


  • Blue: Attacks that involves physical contact between the player and an enemy (eg a charge attack or a powerful slash attack).


  • Red: Attacks that involves some sort of projectile shot from the player (eg a head shot attack or a bomb attack).


All of the UI was made with Adobe Photoshop.

As mentioned before I also held the role as 3D artist and animator. My work inside of that department was two enemies: the giant crab and the killer plant.


  • Made in Blender (model and animations)


  • Texture made with Photoshop and Quixel

Y'arr Pirate


Stockholm University