Shield Rush

Platform: Console (Xbox One)


Engine: Unity


Genre: Story based single player action adventure


Target audience: Early teens (13+)


Team size: 9 people (4 designers and 5 artists)


Role: UI/UX designer, SCRUM-master and sound

The game Shield Rush is a single player story driven experience, that takes place in a futuristic city environment, ruled by robots. The game was made as a school project during a seven week period at Future Games. It was later subjected to a jury that consisted of various representatives from the gaming industry


The story revolves around Katelyn, a human girl, who is on her way home, but her train ticket get's stolen. The thief is a large robot, who controls a gang of other malicious robots. But luckily for Katelyn, one of the robots stands up for her and helps her, as the chase to get back her ticket begins.



My role in within the game Sheild Rush revolved around the menu UI/UX design and partial health/ability bar UI/UX design. Within the group I held the role as SCRUM-master. I was also responsible for setting up the intro cinematic (specify when certain animations would trigger etc) and the sound for the game (in-game).



Since it was decided that the main menu would not have that much content, it was given a simple design, with only two buttons; "Play" and "Exit".

The style of the menu is made to emulate the futuristic theme of the game-world.

The health/ability bar.

I made it so that whenever an ability is being used a cool down bar appears and counts the amount of time left before the ability can be used again.

Whenever the player is being hit or spending energy the health bar and the stamina bar gradually loses their "fill". This was made to give a more smooth feel when health or stamina was reduced, rather than just instantly decrease which would have appeared more choppy.

The intro cinematic is ment to set up and convey the goal of the game.

  • Protagonist is surrounded by unfriendly robots


  • The leader of the robots confronts the protagonist and robs her of her means to get back home; her train ticket.


  • Another robot, the side-kick, is witnessing this and takes the decision to step up for the outnumbered protagonist.


  • The side-kick manages to repel the gang of unfriendly robots, but their leader flees the scene with the train ticket still in his possession.


  • The chase is on! The two newly found comrades must team up and retrieve the ticket.


As there was no recorded dialog in the game all the emotions where conveyed via gestures and emoticons.

Shield Rush


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