Dynamine is a tile-matching puzzle game that derived from mixing the puzzle matching of Tetris with the resource mining of Minecraft.


It revolves around mining for different types of ores. You do this by destroying blocks of different material or by matching blocks in a row of 3 or 4 along a horizontal line. The ore is used to craft new items for the player to use while mining/destroying blocks, thus making it possible to progress further into the game. Most of the tiles do not contain any ore and are just used for gaining points, to display the player's progress through the game.


The game was made during four weeks, part of a school project with focus on developing a free-to-play game and monetization. During the development we were supervised by representatives from the Defold Community and King. With every week we ended with a weekly report of the project's current state to our supervisors.


Platform: Mobile

Engine: Defold

Genre: Puzzle game

Target audience: -

Team size: 4 people (2 game designers, 1 scripter and 1 UI/UX designer)

Role: UI/UX designer, 2D-artist


In Dynamine I was responsible for the UI/UX design, along with some 2D assets.

Main menu

The main menu consists of several text-nodes, that display how much the player has of a certain ore, how well the player has performed during previous sessions and what pickaxe is currently equipped.

There are also three buttons; Start, Option and Craft.

Start and Option is pretty self explanatory. Their layout is made with the intention of making themselves accessible for the players thumbs/fingers.

In Craft the player can use the collected ore to craft upgrades for the current pickaxe

The in-game UI:

  • Amount of uses (taps) the pickaxe has left

  • Score

  • Amount of gems collected

  • Level

These nodes are all positioned to the top of the screen, so that all of the nodes relating to the player's progress are within the same space. Also while in session the player's thumbs or fingers won't obscure the nodes.

When a tile is destroyed the value of the tile comes up and flies up to the score.

To the bottom of the screen:

  • Options button (quit to menu or return to game)

  • Dynamite, or the "panic button"

The dynamite destroys three rows of blocks. It is used as a last resort, it will not reward the player with the value of the blocks destroyed. But it will clear up the board and enable the player to continue for a while longer. The dynamite has therefore a limited use.

While the game session has ended a summary of the player's progress is displayed.

In addition to the UI I also contributed with a few 2D sprites.

  • Ore sprites

  • Sprites for crafted pickaxes

  • Game logo