My name is Peter Johannesson.

What I can offer you is an ambitious, social, inventive and determined worker with 5 years experience on Game Design and UX design from studying/internship.

I have studied for two years at Changemaker Education Future Games' program for game design in Stockholm, where I graduated in the summer of 2017 ( On my final semester I had an eight month internship as a UX designer at Paradox Interactive, where I worked together with game designers, QA testers, coders and artists on

Hearts of Iron 4 and Stellaris.


At Future Games I have been part of several game projects and other group assignments. This has helped me to improve my abilities to work within teams, meet deadlines and handle stress, which I have had previous experience in doing at the postal service and from voluntary work on several festivals.


Right now I am workin as a UX designer at Toadman Interactive (

In my spare time I hang out with my friends, listen to music, play games, work in Photoshop or Illustrator. When my brainpower needs refueling I go to a café or take a long power walk.


Feel free to check out my CV for more info regarding experience and previous work/skills.